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  Bluesbunny Songs of the Year 2014

Making your own compilations, often still called mixtapes, can become something of an obsession. So it is perhaps no surprise that putting another one together called “Bluesbunny Songs of The Year 2014” was inevitable. Without further ado and in no particular order, the ten songs of 2014 that were most likely to be found on our in car cassette player were:

  1.  Well Hung Heart – “Hellaby” – Volatile to the point of spontaneous combustion, Robin f*cking Davey tears up the fretboard whilst Greta Valenti threatens you with the lyrics. Bulletproof!
  2.  Susan – “Just Call It” – Susan are girls with guitars and they reverbed – is that even a word? - themselves all the way through the garage to rock up their three minutes of fame. The mouse is dead!
  3.  Sara Mitra – “In The Pines” – Being of the jazz allowed Sara Mitra to evoke those times of finger snapping cool whilst still leading us towards the gallows. She lives!
  4.  Mark Northfield – “Giving You What You Want” – A gallant knight at the court of King Angst, Mark Northfield’s intelligence and ability make his songs last longer than the warranty on a Mercedes. He is the hat!
  5.  Springtime Carnivore – “Name On A Matchbook” – If whistling was good enough for Morricone then it is also good enough for Springtime Carnivore and, duly, “Name on A Matchbook” became the catchiest song of the year. Worship!
  6.  Blood of The Bull – “Hold Your Head Up High and Go F*ck Yourself” – So laconic in delivery that you almost don’t notice that a knife is being wielded, Blood of the Bull, for it is her, ambushes you in the shadows. Catch the black cat!
  7.  Dr Cosmo’s Tape Lab – “Adopt A Rabbit” – The offbeat charm of this song is quite hard to quantify but that matters not as your ears will demand to hear it again and again. Quirky lurky!
  8.  Luna Green – “Neptune” – Whilst downright minimalist in its pop pretensions, “Neptune” nonetheless allows Sweden’s Luna Green to reach out and touch your hand. Mystical!
  9.  Something Someone – “Waltz With Me” – Surely destined for a placement in a movie, the sugary sweetness of “Waltz With Me” is all log fires, woolly scarves and perfectly portrayed sentimentality. Kiss kiss!
  10.  The Deadline Shakes – “Slipping From Your Heart” – A glorious pop song of scale and reverential intent, Glasgow’s Deadline Shakes make you wish that it was still yesteryear so you could send their song to the top of the charts. Immense!

Just remember one thing. Trust not the cat for it is pure sleekit.


Author: Bluesbunny