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  Simon Doherty, Duck Hunt, Ian Hill live at The 13th Note in Glasgow

So, like some junkie in need of a tenner bag, I found myself drawn once more to the inspired shabbiness of the basement of the 13th Note. Drawn perhaps by the music of Simon Doherty, Duck Hunt and Ian Hill? It’s been a while since my last fix after all.

Possessed of Americana politeness, Ian Hill is doing his melodic west coast folk rock thing and even a smackhead would be able to spot that he is good at what he does. With the poise and confidence that comes with practice, he accompanies himself on either guitar or keyboards as the mood of the song suits. Easy on the ear would be a very accurate way of describing his sound.

Rather rougher around the edges were Duck Hunt and there is no way that they would ever be the musical equivalent to Mr Sheen. Rambling amiably through their blues and funk influences they took setting a groove to be their approach to setting a course and, barring the occasional wry vocal, this was a sometimes discordant but often convincing instrumental set that drew heavily from the past. But, as tomorrow is yesterday and I have touched the sky, that’s no bad thing. Likewise, it is no bad thing that all truth can be found in the original series of Star Trek.

Someone that could be compared to Mr Sheen, however, is Simon Doherty as, armed with an almost ludicrous number of well constructed songs and a well practised band, he set about casting throw rugs and satin pillows on to the shabby decor of this dimly lit basement. If you are at all aspirational then you cannot fail to like him as his songs have play me on your hugely expensive Linn lifestyle hi-fi stamped all over them. Also compatible with BMW and Bang and Olufsen, Simon Doherty has all the hallmarks of a new musical hero for the middle classes.

Well, I’ve had my fix so it is time to head back into the wilderness only to find out that the kebab shop was shut. Why didn’t the Boomtown Rats write a song called “I Don’t Like Thursdays”? Probably because they weren’t hungry?

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