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  The Deadline Shakes, The Deathcats and St John’s Ambience live at The 13th Note in Glasgow

St John's ambience

Speak to me of the truth. Speak to me of things of wonder. Speak to me of the latest edict from the little Hitlers of Holyrood that deprives me of my free entertainment on the last train. Speak to me to the latest madman jakey juice that goes by the name of Dragon Soop (in lemon and lime flavour, natch) but first speak to me of music for this is Saturday night and Saturday night is always alright for a tune or two.

It’s been a while since the Bluesbunny pen of love and hate was brought to bear on the hapless bands that trudge the circuit in Glasgow and the opportunity was in the here and now but where, oh where to start?  How about a visit to the 13th Note? It’s been a while since my nostrils were challenged by the unmistakeable aroma of the side effects of vegetarianism.

First on were Deathcats. Being from Cumbernauld didn’t hold them back and they positively overflowed with the artless enthusiasm of youth. Combine that with an obsession with reverb and you had a fun band that could chase its tail with the best of them.

The Deadline Shakes were a whole different kettle of vegetarian fish fingers and chips. With properly constructed pop songs written in joined up writing, this four piece band could not fail but to exhume fond memories of bands like the Maypops and even XTC. Not lacking in performance skills either, The Deadline Shakes proved that you did not need to have Mr Sheen in your band to be polished and that makes their impending single “Sweeten The Deal” (on Flowers In The Dustbin records) all the more appealing a prospect.

Barely a pint of Guinness in a plastic glass behind them were the curiously named St John’s Ambience. They, it would seem, consisted of members of many other Glasgow bands with equally strange names. Again, the onstage musical skills were clearly obvious and their combined sinuous style suggested that they were more post rock Italian style than arthouse rock Glasgow style which is, of course, a good thing.  A very good thing, in fact, and more than enough reason to spark something up and get into their groove.

The music has once again spoken and not nearly enough people were listening.

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