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  Deers and Quiet As A Mouse live at Broadcast in Glasgow

Wednesday. The worst day of the week being both halfway from nowhere and halfway to somewhere. Fortunately there was something that would distract my mighty mind from such philosophical thoughts and that something was Deers.

First, however, was Edinburgh’s Quiet As A Mouse. With words that suggested that an alert intellect was at work, they seemed to be at the cusp of discovering the lost link between indie rock and social commentary but, hampered by a certain lack of conviction, they instead defused the bomb that they were trying to explode.

In contrast, Deers were nothing less than the sound of sunshine and, positively overflowing with youthful enthusiasm, they had little trouble converting a friendly audience into an adoring one with each of their gleeful garage rock songs echoing through the room as if summer had never ended. It was not hard to see why these four young women have become darlings of the indie crowd and it was equally easy to imagine that, with their obvious sense of fun to drive them along, they could make it all the way to the mainstream.

The hamster, as they say, is back on the wheel.

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