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  Lend a hand by William Freeman

Lend a hand cover art

Escape from Lossiemouth

Another day, yet another singer songwriter. This time it is the turn of Scottish wandering minstrel William Freeman to take a shot at fame and his song,  “Lend A Hand”,  is a touch melancholy, played with sensitivity and dexterity and would nicely accompany a walk on the mellow side. A convincing performance then but, perhaps unfortunately for him, there are many more like him out there.

  Into The Light by Sam Lumsden

Into The Light cover art

Drum sticks

Despite being but a one man and a laptop band, Aberdeen’s Sam Lumsden exceeds expectations with “Into the Light”. He sounds commercial but has more than enough edge to make a lady’s heart flutter. If this song is indicative of what we can expect from him, there is a clear and present danger that he could do decent festival business.

Review date:  May 11 2013

  King on a Copper Throne by Lloyd Glen

King on a Copper Throne cover art

Scottish soul

Making a reasonably convincing attempt at being soulful, Lloyd Glen struts his laconic stuff on “King On A Copper Throne” to decent effect. The words fit the mood but a bit more passion in the presentation would not have gone amiss.

  Strongbad the Good Dancer by Cloneasaurus

Strongbad the Good Dancer cover art

Edgy indie

Edgy and sitting upon the edge of indie rock territory, Cloneasaurus – as musicians anyway- sound more than a little uncertain throughout “Strongbad the Good dancer” which is at odds with the clearly confident male vocals. Give them a bit of time to mature. That’s what I say.

  Michael in the War by Arrison Kirby

Michael in the War cover art

Simple songs

“Michael In The War” is a somewhat lackadaisical sort of anti-war song that falls short of actual protest. The primitive band in a box production does however hint at Apples in Stereo as an influence but the end result, in all honesty, sounds incomplete and a bit awkward.

  Rose Wine by Stevie Lightnin’

Rose Wine cover art

Spirited singer

A rough and ready demo from an earnest Glasgow singer songwriter, “Rosė Wine” shows Stevie Lightnin’ to be free of those all too common Nick Drake staring at the ground influences. Instead he shows that he has a clear desire to entertain here and that, in itself, is quite refreshing.

  Thickslap by Stalkers

Thickslap cover art

Cleveland rockers

“Thickslap” is a rambling and untidy slice of lo-fi grunge rock from Cleveland’s Stalkers. Despite the technical flaws however, there is playfulness to the performance of the song that indicates that this band won’t be getting struck in someone else’s rut.

  A song by Josefin (Featuring Cleo)

A song cover art

Electro dance

She’s Swedish so she is, perhaps unsurprisingly, retro but Josefin nonetheless impresses with a vocal performance that bears comparison with Annie Lennox. The rap interlude; however, seems a clumsy addition to a song that would otherwise sweep you straight on to the dance floor.

Review date:  April 28 2013

  Something New by Strangers

Something New cover art


Modern day electro pop from Strangers. Whilst there is not much innovative to the music, you have to admire the emotive vocals courtesy of David Maddox-Jones and Eleanor Fletcher that make “Something New” something a bit special.

Review date:  April 28 2013

  Without You by Marie Lalá

Without You cover art

Catchy europopster

Some wistful Swedish neo electro pop from Marie Lalá this time with “Without You” being the kind of lost love song that seems destined for an afterlife in karaoke land. You won’t want to sing along but you will. You will you will you will.

Review date:  April 22 2013

  Green by Bronagh and the Boys

Green cover art

Going places

Wistful seems to be the theme of the week and Bronagh and The Boys turn “Green” into an earnest and touching song that will tug at the heart strings of many.  Underneath that obvious commercial appeal however are some downright quirky lyrics that suggest that there may be a knife wielding poet hiding amongst Bronagh and her boys.

  Luv by Flynn

Luv cover art

Fey duo

Flynn, judging from “Luv” at least, is a seriously lightweight acoustic duo with Kate Nash and candy floss prevalent amongst their influences. That said, they possess a certain unforced charm that might be just enough to allow them to stand out from the crowd.

Review date:  April 22 2013

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