Song reviews

  Years by Martin Docherty

Years cover art

Singer songwriter from Cambuslang

Three songs lacking in musical discipline (“Years”, “Holy Water” and “No More”) – all of them take an age to start and go on well past their sell by date. “Years” hits a remarkable 6 minutes and 40 seconds relying solely on repetition to get there. Neither a poet nor a storyteller, Mr Docherty really should grasp that less is sometimes more. “No More”, curiously enough, was exactly what I was thinking while I was listening to it.

  Burma Starmy by White Light Theory

Burma Starmy cover art

4 piece Glasgow band doing the indie rock thing

“Burma Starmy” doesn’t really impress weighed down as it is by leaden use of power chords on the obligatory maxed out electric guitar. “Future in Lights” is much more convincing with some decent male vocals to carry the weight. As a band, they need to work on developing their individuality but they’ve made a decent start here.

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