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  Bluesbunny Top Ten Albums of 2011

It is fun adding up the numbers and then realising that the results probably need psychoanalysis more than statistical analysis but there you go. So, in order of magnificence – and with nil points for Luxembourg as usual – the results are…

 moth and the mirror cover

1. The Moth and The Mirror – Honestly This World
Local band borne of many other better known Scottish bands finally made good with this mature and downright entrancing album. I see the light, I see the light! Read the full review.

the indelicates  cover

2. The Indelicates - David Koresh Superstar

The Indelicates strike back with a concept album about David Koresh. Waco madness or genius? Genius, obviously.Read the full review.

tokyo rosenthal  cover

3. Tokyo Rosenthal – Who Was That Man?

A man with more class than you might imagine delivers a future classic. You won’t be asking who that man was after you have listened to this album. Read the full review.

le reno amps  cover

4. Le Reno Amps – Appetite

Square peg in the wrong hole music that simply exudes fun. What more could a misfit want? Read the full review.

cathy jean  cover

5. Cathy Jean – In the Remains

Confrontational and confessional all at once, Cathy Jean holds the knife alternately at the world and herself. Scary but compelling. Read the full review.

wailing jennys  cover

6. Wailin’ Jennys - Bright Morning Stars

Simple, eloquent beauty that takes Americana to an ethereal level. This is what love sounds like. Or at least how it should sound like. Read the full review.

francesca lago cover

7. Francesca Lago – Siberian Dream Map

An album distinguished by its complexity, Siberian Dream Map proves manna for the discerning. Read the full review.

kimmie rhodes cover

8. Kimmie Rhodes – Dreams of Flying

Kimmie Rhodes in top form. Nuff said! Read the full review.

something beginning with l cover

9. Something Beginning With L – Beautiful Ground

Wistful lo-fi indie pop but done right, so right, for a change. Read the full review.

findlay napier cover

10. Findlay Napier and the Bar Room Mountaineers – File Under Fiction

Wry and funny lyrics banged up against hooks and melodies give this Glasgow band the advantage in a truly rewarding album. Read the full review.

And that's all for 2011!

Author: Angry Bluesbunny