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  Young Charlie by The Skunnered

Young Charlie cover art

Folked Up

The Skunnered finally reveal their true folky  colours with this song. “Young Charlie” is all Jacobean rebellion and Aran sweaters which is more than enough to strike fear into my heart. As with their other songs however, “Young Charlie” is skilfully and likeably performed so I can’t really hate them that much even if I wanted to. I wonder if they have a song about Scotland’s greatest hero Alex “Tax Me In The Morning” Salmond?

Review date:  September 23 2012

  Glamourama by Blindness

Glamourama cover art

Electro popsters

Electro popsters like they used to make, Blindness riff it up over a rock sold beat to throw “Glamourama” over the wall of indifference into the arms of radio success. Whether anyone actually buys this sound nowadays is in question but this is nicely done in a suitably spirited and grungy kind of way. Underneath all the mascara though, Blindness have the makings of a proper rock band.

Review date:  September 23 2012

  Was I Supposed To by Cajsa Siik

Was I Supposed To cover art

Swedish pop

Was I Supposed To” is a neat little Europop song that, given the amount of retro influenced music floating about these days, seems almost timeless in its execution. Robotic rhythms drive the song along while Cajsa Siik floats her sultry voice on top of it all.  Really rather nice.

Review date:  September 16 2012

  The Road to Aberdeen by The Skunnered

The Road to Aberdeen cover art

Venerable Glaswegians

Thought I heard this one before but maybe not as I should have a mental block in all matters concerning Aberdeen. Anyway, venerable Glaswegians The Skunnered join “The Road to Aberdeen” and name check the cities and towns as they head up the A90 to hell.  It’s a good natured song that rolls along nicely but Aberdeen, believe me, is not worthy of this song. Or any other song for that matter.

Review date:  September 16 2012

  First Love by Ashley Collins

First Love cover art

Glasgow pop princess

Hard to believe that I missed this one from Glasgow’s own superdiva Ashley Collins. “First Love” is a fluffy bunny of a song that neatly pastiches all the plastic pop princesses that contaminate the charts these days. The lyrics are precisely pitched at a level for radio play and you can hear that extended dance remix coming right behind it. On a topical note, Glasgow’s pop princess is, of course, a class act and has always managed to keep her top on unlike certain other (real) princesses we could mention.

Review date:  September 16 2012

  Cordelia by Jo Mango

Cordelia cover art

An angelic voice

“Cordelia” is a delicate and beautiful song. There’s not much to it other than a simple piano figure and the most wondrous, and yet unforced, voice of Ms. Mango. Simply enchanting. No further words are needed.

Review date:  September 16 2012

  It Ain't Over by Miss Li

It Ain't Over cover art

Swedish pop royalty

“It Ain’t Over” is a delightful piece of summery pop music that cleverly mixes some bleak humour into the kind of upbeat confection about obsession that might seem sweet enough  to rot your teeth but, in fact, is destined to capture your heart. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that “It Ain’t Over” is the kind of song that Kate Nash thinks she can write. She can’t but Miss Li can.

Review date:  September 10 2012

  Lost in You by No Fxd Abode

Lost in You cover art

Young Glasgow indie rockers

In something of a contrast to their boisterous previous output, “Lost In You” is instead an emotional, and rather conventional, rock ballad. Chris Woods throws his heart into his vocals but, even so, the song ends up sounding a little flat. Nice enough but a better arrangement would have given the song more impact.

Review date:  September 9 2012

  Doesn't It Remind You of Something by Ken Stringfellow

Doesn't It Remind You of Something cover art

Haunted by the ghost of Hazlewood

Anything by Ken Stringfellow (of the Posies) is going to worth a listen but, even with that said, “Doesn't It Remind You of Something” is no less than a gem. In a tale that encompasses drug dealing, credit card fraud and domestic violence all delivered in deadly laconic tones, Ken and Charity Rose Thielen turn themselves into a modern day Nancy and Lee crashing their country powered car on the highway of life. Glorious!

Review date:  September 9 2012

  Swobodna by Jurek Jagoda Trio

Swobodna cover art

Polish jazz trio

Instrumental jazz isn’t really my thing but it is undeniable that the Jurek Jagoda Trio have the practised fluency of talented musicians and “Swobodna” emphasises that fluency in a manner that Dave Grusin would surely approve of. Music for grownups, as they say.

Review date:  September 9 2012

  The De'ils Awa' by The Skunnered

The De'ils Awa' cover art

Persistent offenders

The Skunnered return here with remarkable regularity. It’s like they enjoy pain or something. Anyway, "The De'il's Awa' Wi'The Exciseman” sets them on course for a mellow pub rocking Burns Night somewhere in probably not very sunny Glasgow. As usual, the song is performed in a good natured, easy on the ear way that will no doubt excite the ears of the sherry drinkers amongst you.

Review date:  September 9 2012

  Hope by No Egos

Hope cover art

Escape from Dundee

Sounding older than they probably are, Dundee band No Egos go all walking, talking rock style with “Hope”. You could, if you were prepared to abandon your inbuilt coolness, even sing along with this one and the impassioned male vocals readily seal that deal. So, a good song done well and you can’t ask for more than that.

Review date:  August 26 2012

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