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  From Angels to Enemies by The Beautiful Game

From Angels to Enemies cover art

Confident indie rockers

A confident slice of indie rock pie from London’s The Beautiful Game, “From Angels To Enemies” has more substance than style which makes for a change. Jason Crowley has the attitude to match his voice and the guitars are actually interesting (again for a change). As a band, they are maturing nicely.

Review date:  January 19 2013

  Motorway by The Tax

Motorway cover art

Indie rocks again

Decent vocals are the icing on the cake for “Motorway” but the fact remains that The Tax sound way too similar to the hundred and one other up and coming indie bands across this sceptred isle. I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if they had better songs than this waiting in the wings.

Review date:  January 12 2013

  Taxi to Glasgow by Johnny Graham

Taxi to Glasgow cover art

Looking grey

Another day, another rough demo by an aspiring Scottish singer songwriter…the insipid “Taxi To Glasgow” ticks all the boxes to achieve mediocrity for Johnny Graham. I am tempted to say something like” must try harder” but would imply that Johnny Graham had actually tried in the first place.

  Forever on your Team by Frida Selander

Forever on your Team cover art

Swede strikes out

Relentlessly commercial even if possessed of a sledgehammer like subtlety, “Forever On Your Team” could make Frida Selander’s mark on the mainstream pop music scene with her voice sounding just bruised enough to give the necessary credibility to the lyrics. I might get to like this one.

Review date:  January 12 2013

  Basket Press by Apricot Rail

Basket Press cover art

Instrumental Australians

“Basket Press” is about as nice an example of mellow ambient rock as you will get. Apricot Rail meander aimlessly and endearingly through the five minutes plus of this poshed up soundtrack cue but are always easy on the ear and the song leaves you in no doubt regarding this band’s musical abilities.

Review date:  January 12 2013

  Zombies by The Deep Red Sky

Zombies cover art

East coast standard

What happened here? The Deep Red Sky that I remember was a band that knew a thing about adding sparkle to a song. The most interesting thing about “Zombies (Things Don't Stay The Same)" is the title and you will be hard pushed to distinguish this song from those of any of a dozen other insipid Edinburgh indie bands. A disappointment indeed.

Review date:  January 9 2013

  Spaceship Swagger by RMR321Bo

Spaceship Swagger cover art

Hiphop oddity

I’m not really sure what to make of “Spaceship Swagger” by rapper on something or other RMR321Bo. It could be serious, it could be ironic or it could be the result of some substance abuse but with theremin like noises, dead beats and simplistic rhymes (me so down on the street talk, innit) it has an oddball appeal.

Review date:  January 8 2013

  We ar All the Universe by Enemies of the State

We ar All the Universe cover art

Rocking down the right road

“We Are All The Universe” turns out to be an energetic and melodic slice of civilised rock music from what I assume is a new Glasgow band Enemies of the State.  Confident vocals from Kris Tennant – I recognise that name – and an upbeat sing-along chorus add sonic potency to the spirited guitar that drives the song along.  Promising.

Review date:  January 8 2013

  Ten Reasons to be Happy by Gordon Duthie

Ten Reasons to be Happy cover art

Aberdeen Plinky Plonker

The laptop takes control of “Ten Reasons To Be Happy” and makes every effort to destroy the downbeat charms of Gordon Duthie’s voice and doom laden lyrics with the kind of computerised ineptness that just annoys your ears into switching the damn thing off. An opportunity wasted.

Review date:  December 27 2012

  Right On Track by Faux Ferocious

Right On Track cover art

Post pop modernists

Relentlessly derivative but none the worse for that, Faux Ferocious steal a riff or four from the here, there and everywhere of pop history and use said riffs to decorate “Right on Track”. The lo-fi sound loses the vocals somewhere in the mix but I don’t suppose the words matter as much as the feel. Hozac, here they come!

Review date:  December 27 2012

  Blessing by Sunglasses

Blessing cover art

Sunshine and doom

Sort of indie poppy and then altogether sort of stormy, Savannah based duo Sunglasses take “Blessing” from the land of twee to a destination somewhere close to a land where late sixties psych pop meets downbeat industrial rhythms. Marks are duly awarded for having the courage to derail your own song and then get it back on the tracks before the fade.

Review date:  December 27 2012

  You Think You're Cooler by Mistake Pageant

You Think You're Cooler cover art

Sweet Glasgow duo

Endearingly lo-fi and innocently bouncy, “You Think You’re Cooler” makes for a very respectable introduction to the music of Glasgow duo Mistake Pageant. Nothing in the song seems to be in the right place but despite the awkward tempo changes, primary school guitar technique and the straining to stay in key female vocals, the end result is sweet and huggable. You’d take this song home. You know you would.

Review date:  December 27 2012

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