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  Bluesbunny Top Ten Albums of 2014

As we run out of 2014 mojo, it is time for a review of the finer things, at least those of the musical variety, to have stumbled up the path to Bluesbunny Towers. It’s getting to be something of a habit here to have the whole world spinning on the turntable of love so our top ten albums of this year come from everywhere to here and back again. May your ears be as happy as ours.

The Bluesbunny top ten albums of 2014 are therefore …

springtime carnivore album cover

1. Springtime Carnivore – Springtime Carnivore (Autumn Tone Records) 

Like a volcano erupting joy once more into the world, 2014 sent the red hot lava of power pop out into the world with Greta Morgan’s nom de guerre Springtime Carnivore melting all before it. Sing, sing, sing along! Read the full review.

well hung heart album cover

2. Well Hung Heart – Go Forth and Multiply (no label)

Then there are songs that make you think you are immortal and that can mean only one thing – Well Hung Heart have released an album. With my own eyes, I saw a Subaru Impreza bounce off a Ford Fiesta and, when the stunned occupants of the Fiesta got out, I heard the song that was playing on their in car entertainment. It was the song “Big Plans” from Well Hung Heart’s album “Go Forth and Multiply”. Nuff said. Read the full review.

Copeland album cover

3. Copeland – Because I'm Worth It (no label)

A “what happened here” moment with “Because I’m Worth It” turning out to be the best break up album of all time with all the gravitational pull of a black hole. Fit new dilithium crystals to your heart as you will be needing full reverse power. Soon. Read the full review.

4.	Chris Devotion and The Expectations  cover

4. 4. Chris Devotion and The Expectations – Break Out (Armellodie Records)

Gloriously reinvigorating the ways of post punk flavoured pop with the kind of radio friendly song writing that pulls them parallel to Difford and Tilbrook, Chris Devotion and The Expectations revved their musical engine loudly enough to get the attention, if not the fame, they deserved. Read the full review.

Koukie album cover

5. Koukie – Songs From An Empty Stage (Right Recordings)

Theatrical to the point of parodying the whole show tune concept, Koukie showed just what a real singer can do with the right songs. The heart is where it is at and make no mistake about that. Read the full review.

Ai Aso album cover

6. Ai Aso – Lone (Editions Mego)

So beautifully fragile that one might be drawn to wonder just how such music could actually survive long enough to be captured in the grooves, Ai Aso cast a spell that meant your heart was forever lost to her. Read the full review.

Kandle album cover

7. Kandle – In Flames (Dare To Care)

If you are going to drown in reverb then do it in style and Canada’s Kandle did just that with her downbeat songs taking the sinners amongst us down to the river for a dunking. It’s gospel but not as we know it. Read the full review.

Gwenno cover

8. Gwenno – Y Dydd Olaf (Peski Records)

Former Pipette popette gets literary and, in ten songs of low key electro pop, tells how even robots will be sad in times yet to come. It’s all in Welsh but, remarkably, your very own heart will be able to translate every word. Read the full review.

Tut vu vu album cover

9. Tut Vu Vu – Slow Sound Horn (Jas Pow Records)

Although the most likely band here to be consigned to the prison that is the art house, Glasgow’s Tut Vu Vu provide all the proof you might need to prove that musical literacy is alive and well north of the border. Relish complexity for, in it, is the future. Read the full review.

10. La Position du Tireur Couché album cover

10. 10. La Position du Tireur Couché – Chic (no label)

You can’t go far wrong with a bit of French Pop and the manic conviction of La Position Du Tireur Couché to demonstrate that their Gallic cool is 100% intact made their album “Chic” irresistible. Magnifique! Read the full review.


Final thoughts. It seems appropriate to ponder who else might make something splendid in song terms in the coming year. Bluesbunny thus right clicks on his options and duly selects MaryLeigh Roohan and Tuff Love. MaryLeigh Roohan’s album “Skin & Bone” sneaked out at the end of 2013 – or it would have been in this year’s list – and the lyrics were so full of poetic beauty that the album could only be classed as spiritual. Glasgow’s Tuff Love have so much fondness for mixing the ways of lo-fi with the oft forgotten art of making memorable melodies that their ear friendly charm will become as essential to you as it is to us. May the force be with them all.



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